Why UKEmbedded?

The UK embedded industry is a niche, yet well-defined landscape. It is a close-knit community of
professionals who, when given the chance to come together and explore new ideas and technological advances,
keep innovation high on the UK agenda.

Alongside the economic landscape, the UK embedded event calendar has changed dramatically in the last decade. There are fewer large “expo” style events, a handful of medium sized, generic events and many smaller one-day technical conferences. The gap between these micro-events and the medium-sized events is wide and has created an opportunity to plug a gap. Engineers demand that time away from the office is productive and application-led, not sales-led.

The team at Hitex have identified an opportunity to host a medium-sized technical conference which has been set for 12th May 2022. The focus will be on a strong conference agenda and will be supported with an exhibition, workshops and training.


An open floor

UKEmbedded is aimed at the entire embedded marketplace. This event will present an open and diverse profile of both speakers and exhibitors. Whether you are a silicon vendor, software vendor, tools provider or distributor, this event is for you. 


The audience

The day will be aimed at active engineers at all levels of experience. This will include junior engineers in their first roles, senior engineers exploring new boundaries, project managers, developers and designers.